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No care is complete unless it’s personalised.

We believe in the best or nothing

About Us

We, at Carmelton Hygiene Pvt Ltd., India after years of innovations & surveillance have expertise the art of sourcing hygiene products & we make products to suit the personalised needs of infants, toddlers & adults.

We, at Carmelton Hygiene Pvt Ltd., practice Quality as commitment & Personalization as passion.

Our core objective is Quality & comfort, hence we do not source any standard or substandard products as we are serving such crucial part of human life cycle.

An initiative by  Carmelton Hygiene Pvt Ltd, India; Diaper Champ & Nice Care, one of the best hygiene products in its class, are sourced from Carmelton Company Ltd., a Hong Kong-based enterprise with a self-owned factory equipped with all latest amenities & modern technologies.

The manufacturing unit spreads across 35000 sq metres & consists of multiple areas including the warehouse, production lines, packaging area, quality assurance, loading bay, accommodation and other entertainment facilities.

Established in 1993, the Company excels in manufacturing consumer-packaged goods including all absorbent hygiene products & currently holds its presence in more than 50 countries.

Certifications:- ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003 & accredited with FDA(U.S) , CE(Europe), & GMC (Global Manufacturer Certification)certification.

Our products are regularly tested by QB/T 2493 & GB 15979.



Our Products

Our products are now sold in more than 50 countries worldwide

DiaperChamp Baby Diapers

  1. One of the 1st Ultrasoft premium quality baby Diapers introduced in Indian market with German imported SAP & U.S virgin wood pulp & a no-compromise attitude to baby’s sleep & comfort with super Absorption capacity, these Diapers, being best in class provides ultrasoft elastic waistbands to fit the waist of the baby.
  2. The airlaid top sheets are Soft, anti-rash, clean, hygienic, tear resistance & tensile strength particularly when wet & superior in absorbency.

DiaperChamp Ultrathin Baby Pull up Pants-

  1. The Ultrathin  3 Layered Baby Pull Up Pants with elastic waistbands – gentle on skin- provides high flexibility & softness with supersoft Legcuffs & play area for babies to move freely & comfortably.
  2. Its non-tearable & nonwoven top sheet prevents baby from getting  infected
  3. Breathable clothlike backsheet helps to release wet moisture instantly

DiaperChamp:-Premium Wet Wipes

  1. Deep Cleansing Premium Wet Wipes
  2. Can be used on any external parts of babies – is soft, gentle, effective wet wipes.
  3. Its 3D Embossed Texture & elasticity helps to clean corner & minute surfaces of babies & prevents from getting easily torn.
  4. Non-Soapy, Parabens free, Parfum free & Alcohol-Free
  5. Mild lavender fragrance gives freshness Also Contains Aloe Vera & Vitamin E.

Supra Absorbent Nice Care Baby Nappypads

Salient Features of Nice care Baby Nappypads.

  1. Disposable Underpads – Can be used anywhere & everywhere
  2. Lightweight. easy to carry & dispose after every use.
  3. 360 Degree breathable fabric & Absorbs wetness quickly


Nice Care Adult Diapers

  1. Premium Quality
  2. Breathable,cloth-like softness.
  3. Velcro Tapes
  4. Acquisition distribution Layer & multiple channels help to diffuse and absorb urine proportionately.
  5. Soft and hygienic.
  6. Ways to wear and take off.

Nice Care Adult Underpads

Lightweight. easy to carry & dispose after every use.


  1. Hydrophilic Topsheet
  2. Waterproof back sheet
  3. Absorbent core

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